Fleuve | Espace danse is a contemporary dance company based in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, where the shows are created and performed on the St. Lawrence’s shores. The in situ work of the choreographer Chantal Caron made Fleuve | Espace Danse stand out from its very beginning. Expanding rapidly, the company is now carving out its own niche in the province’s dance ecology.

Fleuve | Espace danse aims to create, produce and promote contemporary choreographic works mainly from Chantal Caron’s artistic vision, but not exclusively. The company is a leader in the enhancement and influence of dance off centers, and makes every effort to reach a maximum of spectators. Audience development is at the heart of Fleuve | Espace danse’s concerns.

Since the foundation of the NPO Fleuve | Espace danse in 2006, the 10 most striking creations have been:

La Mémoire de l’eau – 2006

La Baigneuse – 2006

La baigneuse, un homme et quatre loups venus de la mer – 2007

La Noce Opus I  –  2008

La plage écarlate – 2009

1.2.3. les pieds dans l’eau – 2010

La Noce Opus III  – 2010

Comme une odeur de varech – 2011

Île des ailes –  2012

73° nord – 2011-2013