À Ciel ouvert | Danser sur l’infini de l’horizon

À ciel ouvert | Danser sur l’infini de l’horizon

À ciel ouvert | danser sur l’infini de l’horizon ,  a contempory dance event.

Orchestred by the choregraphy creation company  Fleuve | Espace danse and staring at the famous  Fête des chants de marins, a new edition of the  À ciel ouvert | danser sur l’infini de l’horizon event will take place in  Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, on August 14th and 15th 2015.

The chorégraphe and artistic director, Chantal Caron, wants to present a new création who explores a never-seen-bfore thème in her artistic approach : Mud (Vase). .Since the month of June, 4 professional dancers, around 30 extras from the community and students from a third grade class in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli have been studying, observing and exploring this substance who’s the result of a long  accumulation process, a slow and thorough demonstration who gives us  marks from the past & the future.

At first, sedimentation is not related to any movement at all. However, Chantal Caron gave herself the mission to explore the microcosm to reveal the invisible trough dance. The quartet are going to work the particles’ movement who break off and shape nature’s forces : Sun, Wind, Snow, Waves, Earthquakes. By adding really small interferences, the sedimentation builds herself up and reveals us a shape, altered, but who’s in change of a journey and a story.

The show will be presented at 6:30 PM at the Saint-Jean-Port-Joli Marina.

It’s free and open to everyone!


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