The Company

Fleuve | Espace Danse is a professional non-profit dance company founded in February 2006 by the choreographer, interpreter, artistic director and teacher Chantal Caron to create, produce and promote professional contemporary dance performances in her own region, across Quebec, and elsewhere around the globe.

The company is based in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, where the shows are created and performed on the Saint-Lawrence’s shores. The in situ work of the choreographer Chantal Caron made Fleuve | Espace Danse stand out from its very beginning.

Expanding rapidly, Fleuve | Espace Danse is carving out its own niche in the province’s dance ecology. From the founding team to its actual members, the shared conviction that Chantal Caron’s artistic vision carries a strong development potential remains. Together, they take on the challenge to bring her artistic vision to life and to ensure the company’s development in its source region, so that it can subsequently be diffused across Quebec and elsewhere in the world.




Caron’s approach seeks to retrieve childhood’s imaginary worlds. She is inspired by the Saint-Lawrence, by birds and the energy of nature’s elements, from which she draws the strength of her high-impact propositions.

She stretches the boundaries of feasible movements, raising wonder and fascination. She searches for beauty without compromise, independently from established gestures and aesthetics. Her work is rigorous, and requires strong muscular and dance training (especially in ballet) from the interpreters.

For Chantal Caron, working in open-air spaces is a deliberate choice to exploit and celebrate natural scenography. Moving past their constraints, natural environments play an active role in the creations, both as scenographers and raw inspiration. The artistic director occasionally takes the liberty to transpose outdoors choreographic works indoors.


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